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Flat Rate of $9 for Standard Shipping and FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $75
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Caring for your clothes

Taking extra care when washing your clothes will help them last longer. See below some quick tips to extend the life of your garments.


To keep colours bright and avoid fading, sort your clothes by colours, separating your whites, light colours and dark colours in different groups.  Avoid washing them together in the same load, as it might cause stains or alter their original colours.  Also, remember to remove belts before washing and keep them out of reach for safety.

Wash clothes inside-out

Protect the important part of a garment - the outside - by simply turning it inside out before washing. It may not seem like much, but embellishments on the outside of a garment, even screen printing, can be worn away or snagged by the inside of the washer.

Wash delicate garments by hand

If the garment has embroidery or applique details such as pearls, rhinestones or sequins, hand washing in cold water will keep them safe from damage.

Try to always wash in cold

Cold water washes are much kinder to clothing. It causes less damage to the fabric and it is far less likely to make your clothing shrink. Unless you have particularly bad allergies, stick to cold water.

Air dry

Dryer heat damages fabric over time.  Electric dryers cause shrinkage, colour fading, and weaken the material fibres.  Instead, line dry clothing outside, or indoors on a drying rack.  You can also use clothes hangers to air dry your clothes.  In addition to saving space on your clothesline, this technique might dry your clothes wrinkle-free. If you need to use pegs, choose plastic ones, as they cause fewer marks than wooden pegs in your clothes.